the chookooloonks holiday mix

A photo from my archives -- we don't have our Christmas tree up yet.  Soon.   Soon .

A photo from my archives -- we don't have our Christmas tree up yet.  Soon.  Soon.

Every month for the last two years or so, I make a playlist on 8tracks.  (Okay, maybe "every month" is an exaggeration, since October and November totally got away from me this year).  This morning, however, I decided that I couldn't wait to do my playlist for December, since my year-end playlist is always my favourite one to make. 

See, I love December:  despite the year-end frenzy that I think most of us experience, I also feel a mellowing -- this is the time when my focus starts to shift from work to family and friends:   I get to catch up with folks I haven't seen for a while, spending time with people I enjoy, preferably at smalll get-togethers ... I love this time of year.

This year, of course, my usual end-of-year routine is somewhat disrupted because of what we're doing with our house ... but we're so close.  So I decided I'd make the playlist below,  because if you dropped by in December (when the kitchen/family room should finally be complete), particularly if it was on an evening when the temperature had dropped low enough to light a fire, Marcus and I would likely make you a drink, pull out some munchies, and settle in for a good natter while this played on the sound system.

Soon.  Soon.

(Incidentally, I think this mix is also pretty good music to work by. Just click the image below to enjoy.)