the great american novel


It looks like I'm not the only one trying to create more story these days. 

It dawned on me that although I had mentioned it on Twitter,  I hadn't mentioned it here:  on the days when I publish just a photograph, I thought I'd share some stories I've been reading around the web that I find particularly funny, or heartwarming, or otherwise entertaining.   You'll see them linked at the bottom of these image posts as "story of the day" (and from now on, I'll post a little excerpt, so you can see what you're getting into).  I definitely recommend clicking on them -- there's so much talent out there.


story of the day:  going on a bender from

"Prior to this I had only done Wii Fit yoga, which is to actual yoga what playing with a Hotwheels car is to piloting the space shuttle. The Wii Fit yoga instructor tells you to hold your pose for a mere 60 seconds, and only comments if you seem “shaky”. This is because the sole input device used by Wii Fit yoga is the balance board. Real life yoga instructors, on the other hand, can evaluate a multitude of other factors, such as whether or not you are audibly sobbing."  (read more)