the tiniest progress is still progress


Yesterday, I decided to take a break from insurance forms, and worrying about how we're going to to finish tearing the hardwoods up from the house, and wondering if we've mitigated mold growth, and how much washing of saved dishes we're going to have to do before packing them into boxes, and stewing about why we couldn't get our storage container delivered sooner, and contacting the bank about what it would take to actually rebuild our house, and getting an estimate for what it costs to tear down the house, and worrying whether it's even safe to be in the house now that an exterior wall appears to be warping just a little.  Instead, I tried to focus on getting work done for long-neglected clients.

The truth is that it's all a bit overwhelming.

But it is also true that every day, we see just the tiniest bit more progress.  Like, we throw out a bit more stuff from the house.  Or we speak with an insurance agent who goes the extra mile.  Or we get some good news from the bank.  And even though it's tiny progress, it is progress just the same.

All this to say, please bear with me as I find my footing in this new normal. I'll get there, but I'm trying to remind myself to be gentle with myself, too.

(Another bit of gorgeous:  watching and listening to Esperanza Spalding and her creative process live.  It has been background noise for a lot of my day yesterday, and it's wonderful.)

More soon, lovelies.