this was a good (two) week(s)

Since I missed last week, it's time to make up for it.  Here's what's made the last 14 days awesome:

•  Last week, right before going into the woods on a hike up to the first zip line platform, there was a single, huge, white calla lily growing to the side of the path.  I love callas.  They remind me of Marcus -- because I carried a bouquet of white callas when we got married.  So I took the photo above, especially since I was missing him a lot (Marcus would love Costa Rica).  And besides, as it happens, Marcus and I are celebrating our 12th anniversary tomorrow.  Finding it seemed fortuitous.

•  I'm not a cookie-baker, but if someone wants to make me some shortbread cookies using these rolling pins, I wouldn't be mad at you.

•  I was quite charmed by my friend Pam's pictures of people taking pictures of people at the Grand Canyon.

•  And speaking of photography, the winners of the 2014 iPhone Photography Awards have been announced.  I can't believe people took these shots with their phones.

•  I got the results from a doctor's visit this week, and everything's absolutely fine -- although, this video bears an uncanny resemblance to what my actual visit was like(Thanks to my friend Elan for sharing this video with me.  Also?  I love Louis C.K. with a white hot passion.)

•  Clair Huxtable is my spirit animal.  I watched every one of these videos becoming more and more convinced of this.

•  And speaking of videos, I hate roller coasters, so my empathy with what Kevin Hart is going through in this video is real.

•  And finally, for today's song of the day, the following mind-bending, optical-illusion-filled official video of OK Go's The Writing's on the Wall.  Click here or on the image below to watch -- it totally does my head in, in the coolest way.


On that note, have a brilliant weekend, friends.  I'll be back in full effect next week.