this was a good week


These are the things that made me happy this week:

•  Our Christmas tree is up.  In keeping with our motto "if we own it, it goes on the tree," this means our tree decorations include an angel made of corn husks, a voodoo doll of love, and of course, a major award.  (What, your tree doesn't have those things on it?  Well, that's odd ...)

•  Dare I declare that my Christmas shopping is done?  I think it is.  Or at least it's as done as it's going to be before I start realizing with a shock every day 'til Christmas that I forgot to buy a present for someone.  (Nonetheless, I'm feeling accomplished!)

•  Speaking of gifts, are you looking specifically for gifts that give back?  Kristen's gimongous list of fair trade, handmade stores oughta do it.  (And while I'm on the subject of Christmas gifts, thanks to all of you who have purchased signed copies of The Beauty of Different!  They'll remain on sale through the end of the year; however, if you want them in time for Christmas, today is the last day to order them where I can pretty much guarantee you'll get them on time.  They make great gifts for teachers, best friends, in-laws, if I do say so myself.  Click here to order now.)

•  In other news, these portraits of apartheid and Nelson Mandela by Pulitzer prize-winning photographer David Turnley are riveting.

•  Also, Xanthe's moody photographs make me wistful for London.

•  And Irene's glaciers in Iceland?  Good Lord.

•  Around here, Alex found a heart-shaped grape.  That's got to be a good omen for something, amiright?

•  This video of how space changes the sound of music is uncut awesome.  No additional sound effects were added.  

•  Speaking of music, NPR released their top 50 favourite albums of 2013 -- and despite the fact that I consider myself a pretty avid music-lover, I've heard of only 5 of the artists!  Time to take a deep dive into new music, I think ...

•  And speaking of music again, this scene from Love Actually keeps running through my head.  Because schoolchildren performing a joyous Christmas song beautifully, with their teachers as back-up singers?  Yes, please.

And on that decidedly merry note, have a great weekend, friends.


(P.S.  Don't forget to sign up for CREATE.2014 -- there are still some spaces left!)