this was a good week

These are the things that made heart leap a little this week:

•  Grocery-store tulips.  Because sometimes you have to tell winter to kiss your polar vortex, amiright?

•  Speaking of crazy winter weather, if you've been braving insanely cold temperatures where you live, consider a donation to your local homeless shelter.  Because God knows those folks have been working overtime this week.  They deserve a pat on the back for all the good they do.

•  I wasn't familiar with the late photographer John Dominis, but after seeing this sampling of his work, I want to learn all about him.  Talk about mastering everything.

•  I've started preparing for my talk for MomCom 2014 in Austin, January 24 - 25 -- will I see you there?

•  Also, as it happens, this week I was honoured to be invited to be the closing speaker for TEDxSanAntonioSalon:  Transcending Negative Body Image & Gender Stereotypes.  I'd love to see you there, as well!

•  I loved this sweet little film about daily rituals.  It made me think about the rituals I incorporate (and want to incorporate) in my own life.

•  Food as landscape.  Because why not?

•  This teenager landed a three-book deal contract with Random House.  And now she's in university studying physics.  And goodness, she's wise about creativity.  I love seeing young people embracing their beautiful different, don't you?

•  Thought Catalog came up with 13 things we should all start doing immediately.  Hear, hear, man -- I couldn't agree more.

•  Finally, the breathtakingly stylish men of Street Etiquette have started putting together playlists, and they're fabulous.  Their most recent one, Audio Visual 002, has been on constant repeat in my house -- a solid hour of music perfect for working by, or doing yoga to.  Click here or the arrow below to enjoy.

And on that decidedly groovy note, have a wonderful weekend, friends.