this was a good week

Here's what made this week lovely:

•  Good coffee in good coffee houses.  Admittedly, this makes many of my weeks good, but it bears repeating.

•  If there's any childhood hobby I wish I'd continued into adulthood, it's dance.  And videos like these make that wistfulness keen, man.  Such beautiful movement.

•  This week I sat in my car listening to an interview of George Saunders, the author of this commencement speech at Syracuse University last year, on kindness.  It is well worth the read.

•  This hug.

•  These are carved goose eggs.  And you thought your crayon-and-dyed eggs were impressive!

•  My friend Jenny argues that perhaps success is for the lazy.  It's actually hard to argue her point.  (Literally.)

•  Humans of New York is one of my favourite photoblogs -- featuring intimate portraits of people on the streets of New York City.  Brandon Stanton, the creative mind behind this lovely site, recently shared how he approaches these total strangers and gets them to open up.  Really interesting (and I love how starstruck his volunteer is!).

•  I can't tell you how much I love these photographs of meals from great works of fiction -- are you kidding me?  Literature and food and photography?  Yes, please.  (Listening to the story behind the images was a joy ... and now, I think I'm going to have to buy the book!)

•  Still a few spots left for the LimeLight Sessions in Houston this fall.  Early bird pricing continues for the rest of this month, so register soon!

•  Finally, for today's song, Afro (freestyle skit) by Erykah Badu.  Because as my hair gets bigger and bigger, Marcus is singing this to me more and more.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.  See you on Monday.