this was a good week: a happy dog, abbey road & jamie lidell

And we're rolling.  (At home, September 2014)

And we're rolling.  (At home, September 2014)

Here's what made this week an awesome week:

•  As I type this, I have the folks from the local Fox News affiliate are filming me -- they're getting some B-roll for an interview I did for the Miracle Marathon! (I'm trying to look like a total pro-blogger right now -- don't tell them I'm faking it.)   To that end, here's some great news:  Team Chookoolonks has already raised over $2,400 for the #MiracleMarathon!  Thank you so much to those of you who have signed up, have been raising money or who donated to our cause.  You all rock.

And if you haven't signed up yet, but want to, it's not too late!  The short version:  we'll be walking a mile a day, starting from September 16th (that's next Tuesday) through October 12th, to raise money for our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital, Texas Children's.  We'd love to have your join our team, or in the alternative, you can sign up to support your own local hospital.  And of course, we gratefully accept donations (simply enter "Chookooloonks" in this search bar to donate to any of our team members).  But you should join us -- it's just 20 minutes a day, and the best part?  Better-looking legs by the end of the month.  Just sayin'.  (Read more about it here.)

•  Apple launched their latest products this week (and I ain't gonna lie, I'm eyeing that iPhone 6).  Because of this, I'm especially giggling at IKEA's spoof of the Apple iPad ads -- introducing the 2015 IKEA Bookbook.

•  Speaking of Apple, it turns out the Apple watch was a secret everywhere ... except Trinidad & Tobago.

•  This dog, who lives at a beachside Italian villa, was let off his leash.  I would behave exactly the same way.

•  You know that famous Beatles album cover where John, Paul, Ringo and George walk across the road at the crosswalk in front of their music studios at Abbey Road?  Well, the folks at Abbey Road Studios, God bless 'em, have installed a live webcam to watch Beatle diehards annoying motorists by stopping traffic to recreate their own version of the album cover.  It's fantastic:  if you watch during London daylight hours, the fun is absolutely nonstop -- Alex and I were positively cackling with laughter.  Check out the live webcam here.

•  Burning Man Festival, that wild, wacky arts and music festival that descends upon the Nevada Black Rock Desert every year, ended last week.  I always love looking at images from Burning Man, and this year's was no exception (although I admit that every time I see them, I can't help but marvel that those who participate must have sand in some really uncomfortable places.)

•  Love this photography series, Gear Means Nothing:  photographs taken with expired disposable cameras.  He's right:  gear is fun, but admittedly sometimes overrated.

•  An Irish brewmaster reviews cheap American wine.  Fabulous.

•  And of course, the song of the day:  A little bit more by Jamie Lidell.  I've been a fan of his for a while, but I didn't realize how much he "layers" his own voice in his sound.  This live version of him performing my favourite of his songs just makes me happy.

Click here or the image below to play.

And on that exceedingly funky note, have a great weekend, loves.  See you Monday!