this was a good week: featuring thanksgiving art, $5 and uptown funk

This was a good week.  Here's why:

•  I visited an old friend, took photographs of another old friend, and prepared for an adventure.  All very cool things.

•  Speaking of adventures, here's what US$5 will get you around the world.  This makes me want to travel. Travel and eat.

•  And speaking of eating, I'm new to loving sweet potatoes, and if I were hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, this is totally the recipe I'd be using.  Not a marshmallow in sight (I'm not a fan of the marshmallow).

•  And speaking of Thanksgiving, here's how famous historical artists would plate a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  Awesome.

•  I'm digging this uncomfortable silence.  And if you love the sight of some of your favourite celebrities waiting silently too, consider signing this ONE petition to fight ebola.

•  Andrea's jar of magical thinking took my breath away.

•  Foggy European sunrises.  Yes.

•  And now for the song of the day:  this new Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars joint has had me dancing inappropriately in ways I haven't since I was 20.  I've been wondering where funk went, and now I know:  these two apparently found it.

Click here or on the image below to watch.  And don't be shy:  turn the volume up.  Your office could do with a little Friday grooving, anyway.


Before I go, one more good thing:  today, Marcus, Alex and I are headed across the pond -- we're spending the next week in England with Marcus' family.  We're so looking forward to this trip, and I can't wait to share it with you, of course; however, I'm not entirely sure what the wifi situation is going to be over the week.  Nonetheless, when I can, I'll duck back in and say hi.  (Also, when I can, I'll be updating Facebook and Instagram, so you can always catch me there.)

On that note, have a wonderful weekend, friends.  More very soon from ol' Blighty.