this was a good week

This was a great week.  Here's why:

•  After frantically trying to get things done before I left town last week, this week I found my groove and I'm all caught up.  Also?  Date night tonight.  Oo-rah.

•  Even though I'm caught up now, the next time I find myself buried under work, I'm going to remember Lisa's wise words.

•  I'm going to keep Erin's sage advice in mind, as well.

•  My dad emailed me images from this site -- this dude balances rocks.  Sound weird?  I agree.  Except I'm now overcome by the urge to balance rocks.

•  Awesome infographic on how to improve your travel shots.  Taught me a few things, no lie.

•  Love this photo exhibit that tries to expand perceptions on public housing.  

•  Speaking of travel, this is how I feel every time I'm on an airplane taking off.

•  The A-Z of dance.  Good Lord.  The human body is an amazing thing.

•  It's Superbowl Sunday this weekend!  We're not huge football fans in our house, so there's no telling if we'll actually watch the game -- that said, I loved this little video about how an American football is made.  (Way more interesting than Deflategate.  Just sayin'.)

•   And finally, for the song of the day, Imogen Heap performing her song Me the Machine.  I love Imogen Heap because her music is so creative, and this song is no different.  Even though the video you're about to see looks just like she's dressed up in funky clothes and dancing to added special effects, it's more than that:  using the gloves she's wearing, she "maps movements made with the gloves to musical functions such as drum sounds or bass notes, changes of pitch, arpeggios and filters, allowing her to create music by moving her hands rather than by playing a keyboard or pressing buttons."

Seriously, how cool is that?  Click here or the image below to watch.

And on that high-tech and innovative note, friends, have a great weekend.   See you next week.