this was a good week

As is often the case, this was a good week, friends.  Here's why:

•  This week was a little nuts -- tons of meetings, deadlines, and even a funeral.  But even with all of that, I was very careful to carve some quiet times to myself, usually with a mug of tea in a sunset-y spot.  And that's a good thing.

•  This dude made a clarinet out of a carrot -- and then played it.  If this video alone doesn't convince you this was a good week, well, I don't know what.

•  Love these sweet images and interview of this photographers photo-a-day project.

•  Old-school hot cocoa, the way we used to make it when we were kids.  Get you some.

•  I mean, not to take anything away from Michelangelo's proficiency with marble, but could he have been as impressive as this woman is with chickenwire?  Because wow.

•  Ultra-long exposure photographs, taken by moonlight.  They're so beautifully peaceful.

•  And finally, the song of the day, Unconditional rebel by Siska -- or specifically, its official music video.  This video is 3-1/2 minutes long, but it only took 5 seconds to shoot:  it was taken from a car window going about 30 miles an hour, and then slowed way down.  The result is weird, but awesome.

Click here or the image below to enjoy.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.