this was a good week

How was your week, friends?  Here are a few things that made mine awesome:

•  I'm officially the mom of an 11-year-old, the drizzly days gave way to blue (albeit chilly!) skies, and I had breakfast with a dear friend.  See?  Good week.

•  Marcus is always astonished that I've never seen the Milky Way.  This informative video explains why -- and makes me want to save the lights of the night.

•  These photographs were taken with an iPhone.  Gobsmacked. 

•  Xanthe's blues make me happy.

•  22 contemporary authors you should be reading.  I think I just found my summer reading list.

• I need to convince Marcus to renew our wedding vows, so we can recreate this shot.

•   This timelapse photo, below.  Magical.

•  And finally, a musical blast from the past:  Rebirth of slick (cool like dat) by Digable Planets (warning:  some words might not be suitable for work or young ears).  Man, I used to love Digable Planets -- whatever happened to them?

Happy Friday, friends.