this was a good week

  My friend KariAnn, who radiates joy and light.

My friend KariAnn, who radiates joy and light.

This was a good week.  Wanna know why?

•  This week, some friends invited me to take photographs of their staff for their website.  They requested two images for each person:  one that's sort of the standard bio photo, and then a second one of the subject looking more natural and unposed.  I ain't gonna lie:  this kind of assignment is one of my very favourite things to do.

•  I think I forgot to share this with you a couple of weeks ago:  actor Vince Vaughn and his costars from his movie Unfinished Business posed for stock photos that you can download for free.  This is just so epic.

•  40 photographs of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo in the '30s and '40s.  Pardon my French, but I've always thought that Frida was a complete badass.  These photographs totally confirm it.

•  When I first got my SCUBA certification, the first dive I did was off the cost of Cabo San Lucas, swimming with the sea lions.  It was magical:  sea lions are funny-looking on land, but in the ocean they're graceful, and fast, and extremely playful.  So I love this underwater video of sea lions, taken in the Galapagos (a destination I've always wanted to visit).  One day, man.

•  Speaking of places I'm dying to visit, check out these images of Havana, Cuba.  One day, man.

•  The Chicago Bean got tired of the paparazzo.  Never mess with The Bean.

•  This 12-minute film is sort of long, but it's worth it:  teens from around the world Skype each other.  I love what their conversations reveal about themselves and about their perceptions of each other.  Really thought-provoking little film.

•  Finally, the song of the day:  the official video for Work Song by Hozier.  I love a beautiful voice, and I love choreography, and this has both.


Happy Friday, friends.


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