this was a good week

This was a great week.  I mean:

•  Some dear friends are spending the weekend with us; also, I had the opportunity to photograph my friend Sarah, a lady priest, at work.  (Related:  the phrase "lady priest," much like "lady astronaut" or "lady firefighter," warms the very cockles of my feminist heart.)

•  A couple of days ago, I shared a photo I took of a pride of lions in Kenya a few years ago.  I was pretty proud of that photo, until I saw this one.  For the record, that photographer is nuts.  But man, what a great shot.

•  Speaking of great photographers, this 5-year-old Instagrammer is pretty epic.  

•  Stick bomb!

•  Girls in Afghanistan are prohibited from riding bikes.  But boy, can they shred.

•  And now I'm hungry.

•  I don't camp -- I always say my parents sent me to college to ensure I'd never have to sleep on the ground -- but I have to say, Xanthe always makes it look enticing.

•  And finally, the song of the day:  Jennifer Hudson, riding around in a car and singing her lungs out with James Corden.  Hear me now:  it is officially on my life list to be in a car with these two at some point in my lifetime.  For they would give me unmitigated joy.

Click here or on the image below to watch.

Have a great weekend, friends.  See you next week.