this was a good week


This was a good week!  Here's why:

•  I'm home again.  Hopefully this time for more than a week.  Fingers crossed.

•  Amazing images of life just below the surface.  I'm too chicken to buy a waterproof housing for my camera, but wow.

•  Love these words on finding fulfillment.   What would you do even if you never earned a dime from it?

•  I haven't shared with you my latest venture -- writing for the amazing Quiet Revolution, about the power of introversion.  And since we were just talking about doing your passion in the link above, you know how I always wax poetic about Alex's amazing guitar teacher?  Here's an interview and photo shoot I did with him right here (you'll see how awesome he is -- he's seriously amazing).   Want more?  I've also featured my friend Laura, and how she manages to throw a huge conference while being an introvert.  Go check them out -- and there's more to come!

•  These portraits of nomadic people of Africa made me swoon.  Note to self:  do more portraits on travel trips.

•  I'm not sure why, but I kind of need this umbrella.

•  I follow several food bloggers, not for their recipes usually, but for their photography.  I recently found one, A Brown Table, whose photography makes me catch my breath.  I mean, look at the images in this recipe for for Polenta and Rice Donuts.  Are you kidding me?  Literally, the beauty of those images absolutely makes me lightheaded.  And I don't even like sweets.

•  Today's soundtrack:  A little R&B this week, Something by Snarky Puppy, featuring Lalah Hathaway (2014 Grammy winner for best R&B performance).  I've been a fan of Lalah for years -- her voice is just perfection.  And I love this video, because it's so beautifully lit.

Also, toward the end of the song Lalah makes a chord come out of her mouth -- like 3 notes at once.  How does she do that?

Click here or the image below to enjoy.


With that, have a wonderful weekend, friends. See you next week.