this was a good week

This was a good week.  Here's why:

•  As I type this, it's raining outside ... because a cool front is on its way.  That's not to say that the weekend is actually going to be cool, you understand, but the humidity is expected to drop, which should give our otherwise sticky-feeling city a little preview of the fall to come.  Finally.

•  Tomorrow, I leave for Baltimore to speak at Blogalicious!  Will I see you there?

•  In defense of small talk.

•  You guys know how much I love a good journal.  Well, I'm loving the concept of this logbook as well.  What a brilliantly simple way to keep a diary.

•  This high school teacher is on a mission to photograph every Native American tribe in the United States.  Amazing photographs.

•  And speaking of photographs, Steve McCurry's portraits.  He's my portrait hero.

•  10 questions with Brené Brown.  I particularly love what she had to say about fishing.

•  And speaking of Brené, when I was in her Daring Way certification class, one of my classmates was Joe Quinn.  He recently wrote what he learned about shame through the loss of his brother on 9/11.  It's certainly not a joyful read, but it's definitely a courageous one, and I wanted to share it with you.

•  And speaking of courage, I love a kid who knows what's she's made of:  this little one is just like Serena Williams.  I can't stop watching this video, man.  She's everything I want to grow up to be.

•  And finally, this video of this lovely Macedonian woman who is doing what she can to help the Syrian refugees in her country -- it's a heartwarming story of generosity, yes, but mostly connection.  Click here or the image below to watch.


Have a great weekend, friends.  Remember love always wins.