there was good in this week

Note:  when I compiled this list and drafted this post, it was before the events of the horrific news that is coming out of Nice occurred.  I decided to go ahead and publish the post, in the event that with everything going on in the world, readers might need to see instances of love and light in the world to help them cope.  Needless to say, I'm horrified at the news, and hope that those of you who have been affected by these events may somehow find comfort and support through your grief and loss.  I send you my heartfelt prayers.

In spite of everything, this was good to be found in this week.  Here's where:

•   On a personal note, it was a week of productive meetings, beautiful flowers from coworkers, and kindnesses from strangers.  I truly needed all of these things -- they are helping me to heal.

•  Intimate celebrity portraits from the past 20 years, by photographer Patrick Swirc.  So gorgeous, and I love the captions that accompany them.

•  And speaking of photographs, check out these day-to-night images.  Wow.

•  Seven 30-foot-tall Day-Glo totems in the desert.  I would so love to go capture this colour and light.

•  A man has spent the last 53 years building a cathedral on the outskirts of Madrid -- by himself.  Amazing what a committed mind and spirit can do.

•  Speaking of committed minds and spirits, my friend Jenny is making a colouring book and it's absolutely glorious.

•  And now finally, a poem written and performed by the inimitable Maya Angelou that came across my Facebook feed this week.  Her poetry is so much like song, especially when she reads it.  The entire video is about 22 minutes long; however, the poem I want you to hear starts at 15:44, and I've tee'd it up to begin there.  

Click here or on the image below to watch and listen.


To each and every one of you -- and I say this fully unmasked -- I wish you all a peace-filled weekend, my friends.    

With special prayers of healing and peace for the people of Nice.