this was a good week

Oh, friends.  Can you believe it's been six weeks since I last shared a good week with you?  I just checked the calendar, and I was so surprised at how much time had passed.  I do hope that during that time, you noted the good moments of your own days and lives.  No matter what, they were there. I promise.

And so, to this week.  This was a good week, friends.  Here's why:

•  After a crazy-relaxing weekend, Alex is getting her rhythm back in school, and Marcus and I each had a productive week at work.  And the beat goes on.

•  My friend Jeannine is shooting a roll of film a month, and I think I just found my new photo challenge.

•  Speaking of film, check out these Kodachrome images of artists from the Harlem Renaissance.  Darth Vader never looked so cool.

•  Did you guys see that amazing photo of Usain Bolt smiling over his shoulder when he won the men's 100 meter in the Rio Olympics?  Here's the story of how the photographer got the shot.  So amazing.

•  88 truths about life.  He might very well be right.

•  This incredibly sweet interview moment between filmmaker Kevin Smith, and his daughter Harley Quinn.  There's some salty language in it, but somehow, it makes the moment even sweeter.

•  The most nostalgic little end-of-summer film ever.

•  And finally, the soundtrack of the day:  the video for Soy Yo, by Bomba Estereo.  Don't worry if you don't speak Spanish:  it's pretty obvious why my new goal is to grow up to be the little girl in this video.  Talk about a kid who sees the beauty in her Different.

Click here or the image below to watch.


With that, have a great weekend, friends.  Keep being you.