this was a good week

Remember this was a good week?  Well, I hope so, because again, this was a good week!  Here's why:

• Did I mention I turned in my manuscript?  Because I turned in my manuscript.  Alleluia, amen.

•  Speaking of books, my sweet friend Erin Loechner released her first book this week, Chasing Slow, and it's a beaut.  Go on and get you summadat.

•  And speaking of even more books, here are 70 books to make you hopeful.  I may have to read them all.  Starting next Friday.

•  Lost Rolls America looks really intriguing.

•  My friend Justin turned 49!  And as he's done for the last 6 years, he took the same number of self-portraits as his age.  I love how sweet the images are every year.  I may have to start the same tradition this year, I think.

•  A baby elephant chasing swallows.  Tell me that didn't make your day better.

•  When I mentioned that I was back, a sweet reader says "I hope that means more photographs!"  It does -- perhaps even more than words. Let's go for a photo a day every weekday, shall we?  We'll see if the words keep up or not, but no promises.

•  Finally, the soundtrack:  a mashup of the Beastie Boys and Daft Punk.  If you are not a fan of either the Beastie Boys or Daft Punk, then you really shouldn't listen.  But if you're a fan of them both, have I got something awesome for you.

With that, happy weekend, sweet friends.  See you Monday.