this was a good week

Despite it all, this was a good week.  Here's some proof:

•  The amazing art above is available for free -- simply download here.  And share with abandon.  (You can read more about the art here.)

•  And while we're talking about art, can politics make great art?  Twelve young artists say yes.

•  Pete Souza talks about his years talking about being Chief White House Photographer (he was a photographer for both the Obama and Reagan Administrations).  I'm such a fan -- he does such great documentary work.

•  I'm thinking a lot about self-care today, and stumbled upon these 45 practices for mind, body and soul.  In case you're needing self-care today too, I mean.

•  Friends, I discovered the magic of packing cubes.  Have you tried them before?  My heavens.  I was introduced to them by my friend Jodi, and they are amazing.  Jodi, incidentally, is a packing ninja -- and she wrote an epic post about her packing tips & tricks here.

•  And speaking of travel, the soundtrack of the day:  a reminder to trip the light


Let's break the night, good people.  All around the world.  It's time.

Light on, friends.