this was a good week

This was a great week!  Here's why.

•  Someone in our house is a teenager today.  And I'm having a hard time that this happened as many as 13 years ago. She's my favourite, man.

•  This photo made me laugh.  And then it confused me.

•  Doing a little Lenten journaling practice -- a #onewordjournal -- over on Instagram.  Are you with me?

•  The art by Priestess of Polka Dots Yayoi Kusama blows me away.

•  Steve McCurry's portraits are breathtaking every damned time.

•  What it might look like if we could actually see music filling a room.

I can't wait to tell you about my New York trip.  More next week.

•  And finally, today's soundtrack -- Tank and the Bangas, a New Orleans band who won NPR's Tiny Desk Contest.  Click here the image below to listen to their wild, catchy sound.


Happy weekend, friends.