this was a good week

This was a good week!  Heres why:

•  Tons of brainstorming, and getting ready to attend the Be Conference in Austin this weekend.  (The conference starts Sunday afternoon, and tickets are still available, use coupon code Karen99 for a huge discount -- $200 off, bringing the price to only $99!)

A couple married for 37 years always wears matching outfits.  This is adorable.  (However, do not expect Marcus and me to do this:  I think only one of us should ever wear bad Hawaiian shirts, and that person will never be me.)

•  Barcelona, backwards.  So cool.

 Horses, underneath.  So weird.

•  This madman -- er, I mean, intrepid traveler -- made it across the Atlantic on a stand-up paddleboard, and raised almost half a million dollars to help impoverished children in the process.  Amazing -- and I gotta admit that these days, when people put their personal safety on the line to help people in need, I can't help but be really impressed.

•  My very sweet friend, photographer Stephanie Calabrese, was featured in the New York Times this week!  You should check out her work:  she shot it all with an iPhone.  I so need to up my iPhonography game.

•  And finally, for today's song of the day, a performance of the earliest piece of music ever written for the keyboard, c. 1360.  Click here or the image below to listen.

Have a great weekend, friends.