this was a good week

This was a good week!  Here's why:

•  Took a little break to walk through our local arboretum.  I forget I should do this more often.

•  A second-grade class created this survey and the questions are delightful.  You bet I filled it out.

 Scientific proof that you're an entirely different person at age 77 than you were at 14.  Lord, I would hope so.

•  A photo series featuring beautiful women over the age of 100.  So gorgeous.

•  Danny Gregory explains how he draws a selfie.  So cool.

•  Dude, Skynet is coming.  And even though I still maintain this was a good week (and the article indicates that this is a good thing), I have to admit I find this a little terrifying.

•  Paper parkour.  Really creative.

•  And finally, today's soundtrack: a new video by Pentatonix, singing John Lennon's Imagine. Click here or the arrow below to watch.


On that harmonious note, have a great weekend, everyone.