this was a good week

This was a good week, and here's why:

•  A cool front came through -- probably the last one until October.  And we are relishing the sunny, crisp air.

•  If there was ever a condition I wish I had that I don't, it's synesthesia.  And this artist with synesthesia sees your favourite songs in colour, and paints them.  Gorgeous.

•  This Swedish runner -- a woman --  ran from Turkey to Turkmenistan, across Iran, all on her own, to challenge prejudice against Islam.  I love everything about this.

•  Were you under the mistaken impression that hula was just for women?  So was I.  These men totally prove me wrong.

•  Next rainy day, these, a leafy salad, and a Netflix marathon are totally on the menu.

•  And finally, today's soundtrack:  The sound of sunshine going down, by Michael Franti -- the mellow version.  Click here or the image below to listen.


Have a good weekend, friends.  And let's all pray for peace in Syria.