this was a good week

Despite the mother of all madness, this was a good week.  Here's why:

•  Both Alex and Marcus have the day off today.  Long weekend, baby!  Speaking of which ...

• ... today is the day for hot cross buns.  Which is always a good day.  And here's a quick recipe, so you can make some for yourself, too.

•  A sweet list of the top 12 smells of Danny Gregory's childhood.  

•  These scientists are using drones to get up close and personal with active volcanos.  So, so cool.

•  This dad has a baby, a camera, and Photoshop.  And he likes to make the internet very, very nervous.

•  I used to love lining up dominoes just to knock them over when I was younger.  And so, I find this domino line -- the longest ever, a new world record! -- deeply satisfying.

•  Okay, I'll admit this one is a bit geeky (as if the previous 3 items weren't!), but good Lord, it appeals to the engineer/photographer in me:  how an artist/scientist uses the coding of light to bring Pixar animation to life.  Incredible.

•  And finally, today's soundtrack.  I'm on a roll with the site redesign, so this song seems fitting:  Fiyah, by  Imagine this on repeat as I play with the site layout.

Click here or the image below to play (and dance along with me).


Have a great weekend, friends, and happy Easter and happy Passover to those who celebrate!  (Also, please pardon my dust:  my goal is to have the new design up by next week, and fair warning, it's kind of a radical change from the current design.  So excuse any broken links -- I'm working hard on it. )