this was a good week

This was a good week!  Wanna see?

•  More working on the book, including taking dozens of photos of Marcus striking matches.  The book is heart work for me, and doing things with Marcus to help create it is always a good time.

•  This essay about what life was like before the Internet.  Ah, memories ...

•  Apparently, these nine words will identify exactly where in the United States an American is from.  (People actually say "bubbler"?  Really?)

•  And speaking of words, this blog with untranslatable words from very obscure-but-real languages.  Because honestly, how else would you ever learn that burrmarlarla means "the moving shimmer of half light and half shade on the light coloured fur of antilopine kangaroos (Macropus antilopinus) that lie down under trees in the heat of the day, such that they look as if they have been smearing themselves with white clay and they shine in the light from a distance"?

•  Long, but worth the watch: this hour interview with Oscar-award-nominated songwriters was riveting.  I could listen to creative folks talk about their work all day.

•  And speaking of creative, loved this story about the history of Houston's street art.

•  The world's first waterpark for folks with disabilities.  Awesome.

•  And finally, the soundtrack of the day:  from the Hamilton Mixtape, Immigrants (we get the job done).  Because damn straight we do.

Click here or the image below to watch.

Have a great weekend, friends.