this was a good week


This was a lovely week.  Here's why:

I had the opportunity to speak to the student body of a local high school this week; also, I photographed a silent human rights march held by my daughter's class.  I'm full of tons of hope for the future, right about now.

•  Have you seen this clip from the new Black Panther movie that's coming out this month?  Good Lord.  I've never wanted to use a wig as a weapon so badly in my life.

•  The murals on these city walls are insane.

•  Art that shakes up the idea of what Africa looks like.  Gorgeous.

•  This video proves we're all taking the same Instagram photos.

•  This 12-year-old's beautiful (but admittedly creepy) sculptures.  What a talented kid.

•  And finally, for today's soundtrack:  the music video for Justin Timberlake's new track, Say Something featuring Chris Stapleton. The song is lovely, but what's really amazing is that the video was shot in one take, on the first take.  From this article describing the process:

The team discussed trying to do it in multiple cuts, but they ultimately decided against it. "We wanted to let this be an experience—live in it," Perez says. So, when it came to the day of shooting, they had gathered a 200-person crew—including 17 musicians and a 60-person choir—to record the video and audio live in one single take. They started at about 11 a.m., rehearsed a few times—including moments when the elevators wouldn't work—but only had a 10-minute window to record at night when they could capture a deep blue light in the sky through a window.

And they pulled it off in a single take.

It's important to note that this isn't just video synched up with a studio-recorded track. This was an entirely live performance—video and audio. "That was a reverb challenge," Perez says. "The building was all steel. To even do the wireless transmission was a mathematical feat. We had to record so many instruments in so many different places."

Really gorgeous.  Click here or the image below to watch and listen.

On that blast of ingenuity, have a great weekend, friends.  See you next week.