this was a good week


This was a good week -- here's why:

•  This week, I had a quick overnight trip to speak to the National Association of State Judicial Educators.  During my talk, I mentioned, in passing, what we had endured with Hurricane Harvey.  At the end of my talk, as I was leaving, a young woman walked up to me.  "When you mentioned Harvey, I teared up," she said.  "I'm from Puerto Rico."  I immediately asked how she was faring in the aftermath of her region's devastation from Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  She's doing fine, and we hugged each other.  "I wanted to give you this -- it's the seal from the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico," she said, handing me a small pin.  "We're survivors!" she smiled.

I'll treasure it forever.

•  This TED talk on how to overcome our biases is really powerful.

•  Kids meet an opera singer.  I could not have been more charmed.  (And I suspect Mikayla will end up being an opera singer herself -- she was so enthralled with Angel's singing!)

•  A life-size, drivable replica of a Bugatti Chiron built with ... wait for it ... over 1,000,000 LEGO Technic pieces.  WHAT.

•  This organization that helps formerly homeless people create their family homes is really great.

•  This guy gets hotels to draw him a picture of Godzilla.  Awesome.

•  This textile artist's rugs are mindblowing -- and for a great environmental cause.

•  And finally for today's soundtrack:  Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, as performed by the Hokkaido famous gardens, in Japan.

Click here or the image below to watch and listen.

With that, my family is headed to the Texas Hill Country to celebrate Alex's first week of high school and the long Labor Day weekend.  Have a wonderful weekend yourselves, friends.  See you next week.