this was a good week


This was a good week.  Here's why:

•  Our house is beginning to look like a house.  I'm starting to get really impatient -- but really excited.  I need to remember to breathe.

•  Speaking of the house, have you heard of chromophobia -- fear of too much colour?  I don't have it when it comes to decorating (trust me, those grey walls above are going to be home to wildly colourful art), but I think I do a bit when it comes to how I dress.  This article is really interesting.

•  These portraits, with frames inspired by the subjects, blow me away.

•  Love these gorgeous photographs of summer (taken somewhere clearly cooler than Houston!).

•  These two young men, who didn't see themselves represented in the marketing collateral at their local McDonald's, decided to do something about it by creating their own poster of themselves and sneaking it on the wallI'm lovin' it.

•  This accidental wombat mural cracks me up.

•  And finally, for today's soundtrack, 65,000 Green Day fans sing Bohemian Rhapsody spontaneously and perfectly.  By the end of it, I was teary -- I love when there's evidence that it's possible for thousands of people to come together to make something beautiful ... especially these days.

Click here or on the image below to watch.

On that joyous, connected note, friends, have a wonderful weekend.  See you next week.