this was a good week


EDITED TO ADD: I drafted and set this post to publish before I heard the breaking news of the horrific act of terrorism in Christchurch, New Zealand, where dozens were killed by a white supremacist while they prayed in their house of worship last night. I’m absolutely heartbroken and enraged by what seems to be a never-ending stream of news of violence against Muslim and black and brown people around the world.

My Kiwi friends, I feel for you. I pray with you.

My Muslim friends, I feel for you. I pray with you.

Things that happened this week that may provide a tiny bit of hope in humanity:

• Alex made it through finals week (alleluia), the weather has turned lovely and springlike so we’re having some friends over for a barbecue this weekend, and we have bean sprouts! It’s all good.

• Since we’re having a barbecue, I’m thinking of this salad — what do you think?

I guess this horse is a Star Wars fan?

These man-made, floating islands on Peru’s Lake Titicaca are beautiful.

Love this piece on how families live and design together. (In our house, basically Marcus lives with what I design — ha!)

• Speaking of design, my friend Lola visited Greenland. I love how all the houses are painted primary colours (but if I lived in a snowy landscape, I imagine I’d crave primary colours, too).

Emma Haruka Iwao has calculated the value of pi to 31 trillion digits, setting a new world record. I’m not convinced that this is completely useful (surely we only need to use the first billion digits?), but it’s still hella cool.

• And finally, for today’s soundtrack: Sweet life by Frank Ocean came across my Pandora station while I was working this week, and I dug it. Click the arrow below to listen.

Have a great weekend, friends. May we feel safe in an unsafe world. See you next week.