this was a good week

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This was a good week! Here’s why:

• Even though this week’s storms and flooding has put our family on edge, there’s no denying my tomatoes are loving the weather. Also, the rain is predicted to let up in time for Mother’s Day, and we have big family plans. It’s all good.

• Speaking of gardens and water, this garden-in-a-bottle hasn’t been watered in over 40 years, and is thriving. Great illustration of our planet, don’t you think?

• I don’t even think I knew black panthers were real, save for the awesome blockbuster film. But they’re real, they’re rare, and this photographer captured one with his camera. Gorgeous.

Four things kids wish their parents knew. Admission: I’m guilty of a few.

• No joke, this sounds like my dream vacation right about now.

The sound of millions of monarch butterflies. Magical.

• And finally, for today’s soundtrack, an oldie but a goodie: The Rain by Missy Elliott. Because seriously, this week’s storm has us on edge.

Click here or the image below to watch/listen.

Have a great weekend, friends. See you next week.