this was a good week


This was a good week! Here’s why:

• . It was a lovely short week, which means sitting outside on the patio with a glass of wine and reading a book over multiple days. Ahhh.

• . Love this infographic of second languages spoken in countries around the world.

• There was a full solar eclipse in Chile this week, and these images of it are gorgeous.

• . An inflatable labyrinth of light and colour. WHAT.

• . Modern wet plate photographs of Native Americans. These are breathtaking.

• . I ain’t gonna lie, as soon as I looked into this dog’s eyes, I started popping and locking.

• . And finally, for today’s soundtrack: Isaac and Nora. From their YouTube page, they are a Korean-French brother and sister (ages 11 and 8), accompanied by their dad, and filmed by their mom. And they’re totally charming. Take a listen.

On that incredibly sweet note, have a great weekend, friends. See you next week.