this was a good week

That’s Alex serving on the lower left.

That’s Alex serving on the lower left.

This was a good week! Here’s why:

• . Alex had a great week at volleyball camp at Rice University, I had a productive work week, and hey, hey, it’s Friday. It’s all good.

• . This is how people around the world express laughter on social media. Hæ!Hæ!Hæ!

These optical illusion murals are wild.

Photographs of blues musicians from the American South. Gorgeous.

Songs that go on every summer mix my friend Andrea makes.

• And finally, for today’s soundtrack, Shine by Madison McFerrin (the daughter of Bobby McFerrin). A lyric:

I'm not gonna ignore my shine
So don't you ignore your shine
'Cause we all shine

Right on.

Have a great weekend, friends.