this was a good week

Hiking toward the ancient village of    Chysauster, Cornwall   .

Hiking toward the ancient village of Chysauster, Cornwall.

This was a good week, friends! Here’s why:

Marcus is still so happy from getting his fill of family and homeland, we made it home safely, and we’re officially back in our usual Houston groove. It’s all good.

• A few months ago, I became a pescatarian — no meat, save for seafood. That said, this vegetarian dish looks amazing.

• If I ever became a nun, I’d want to be a badass like these women.

This car mechanic became a doctor at age 47. I love this story.

• I always knew animators study their own faces to capture expressions, but the photographs of them doing so are still so charmingly funny.

• Also charming: these watercolours of 70s sitcom characters.

• And finally, for today’s soundtrack, Home by Phillip Phillips. Because it’s good to be back home. Click here or the image below to listen.

With that, see you next week, friends.