this was a good week

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This was a good week! Here’s why:

Breakfast over several days consisted of mugs of hot tea, coconut sweet bread and guava jam, Alex returns from her back-to-school retreat today, and this weekend is a long weekend. What’s not to love?

• If you like these This Was A Good Week posts, you’re gonna love this: musician David Byrne has launched a new website called Reasons to be Cheerful, sharing stories of good that are happening in the world. Insta-follow, man.

• I keep returning to these paintings and refuse to believe they are actually paintings. Seriously? Paintings?

This open letter to the man who yelled “Go back to Africa!” made me laugh and laugh.

Things that make my friend Andrea feel like a new woman. Me too, girl, me too.

Move for the joy of it — wasn’t I just talking about this yesterday?!

• Ever wonder what happens when you respond to spam email? After watching this video, I’m desperately waiting for my next email from a prince.

• And finally — do you keep up with NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts? I’ve found such beautiful music there, of all genres. And this week, I discovered the music of Tobe Nwigwe, who I’d never heard of before … and he’s from Houston! His is the very best kind of rap and hip hop, in my opinion: smart lyrics, over a groovy, jazzy beat. Click here or the image below to enjoy.

With that, have a lovely weekend, my brothers & sisters. If you’re in America, have a wonderful, peaceful Labor Day weekend; and if you’re in Florida, stay safe, friends: evacuate if you can; and if you can’t, hunker down, prepare as well as you can, and don’t take any chances. I’m thinking of you.