this was a good week

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This was a good week! Here’s why:

• Some friends we haven’t seen in a while came over this past weekend, and one of them brought me flowers that reminded me of my grandmother’s garden, I pulled out a 35-year-old manual camera lens to photograph them, and Alex made the varsity volleyball team at her school. A great week!

My sweet friends over at Uncommon Caribbean have compiled a list of ways to help the Bahamas recover from Hurricane Dorian.

This corn salad may make an appearance on my dining table this weekend.

I can’t stop staring at these weird-looking animals.

• Speaking of weird, this Instagram feed is for those of us with a truly odd sense of humour. I can’t stop following it.

Beautiful women around the world.

• Speaking of beautiful women, my friend Eden suddenly and unexpectedly lost her husband last month; she wrote about him this week. It is a beautiful and touching eulogy, and and she is a gifted, gifted writer.

• And finally, for this week’s soundtrack: it might have been a good week, but here in Houston, it’s been a hot week — temperatures at the century mark all week. So this gorgeous, meditative video of beautiful Iceland was a welcome sight. Click here or the image below to enjoy.

Have a great weekend, lovelies.