this was a good week

The Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas, September 2019

The Riverwalk, San Antonio, Texas, September 2019

This was a good week — and even though this is a short post today, here’s why:

I spent most of the week in San Antonio, Texas, watching my dear friend Brené in professor-mode, as she trained over 100 leadership and organizational development folks in her work.* She was amazing, as usual. My favourite thing she said was when she expressed her own interest in “co-creating a community with a co-ethic of love.” Say that.

I love Steve McCurry’s images of harvest.

The portrait of mysterious street artist Banksy just sold for over $42,000. Of course, people still have no idea what Banksy looks like — it’s just a photo of the back of his/her head.

• Finally, for today’s soundtrack, the Playing For Change folks have done it again: the amazing Ringo Starr and friends do a worldwide cover of The Weight. Click here or the image below to watch and listen.

With that beautiful song, go out and love each other, friends.

* My being away from home all week meant, of course, that I missed the awful rains in Houston caused by Tropical Storm Imelda. At one point, Marcus was trapped in his office, unable to leave because of the flood waters around the building, which meant my dad had to navigate some dangerously flooded streets himself to get Alex from school. But both Marcus and Alex arrived home safe and sound to a house that was high and dry, and since my dad lives nearby, his home was safe, too. Thanks to all of you who checked in on us — it was so lovely of you to do. That said, some areas of our town, however, experienced worse flooding than they did during Harvey, and they could do with all of our help. For the people who live in those areas, a small way to give them at least one good thing about this week and show them love is by donating to the American Red Cross, the Southeast Texas Food Bank, or any of the other organizations at this link. I’m sure even the smallest amount would be greatly appreciated.