this was a good week: my spring collection with vida (and a giveaway!)

We're back from our wonderful, restful time with our friends in Galveston, having spent the majority of our time rocking on the porch with an adult beverage in our hands and what we Trinis call "ole talk" -- chatting and laughing and generally going on about whatever came to mind.  It was truly a glorious time, and one we made sure to wring all the awesome out of.  

We're back in Houston now, and through all of this chilling out, I didn't pull together a collection of links for you this week.  However, I am thrilled to share that VIDA has included me in their brand new spring collection, launched this week, with four new designs!   For this collection, which VIDA entitled Art of Light (I mean, c'mon), and since this is for spring, I decided that I wanted to use images of flowers (because you guys know how much I love photographing flowers).  Check it:

I love how they printed the garments:  almost so that the light and colour of the images were the main focus of the scarves, even more than the actual subject (because after all, when you wear the scarf, it will be difficult to identify the image anyway).  So, for example, the shot I took of the lovely, vibrant tulip, above, translates into this huge scarf, with the yellows and blues and greens, making an almost abstract pattern along its length:

(My mother loves yellow and purple, and I'm totally ordering this one myself for her for Mother's Day.  Don't tell her.)


Speaking of purples, I also photographed another of my favourite flowers, hydrangea, for this deep, moody purply-blue scarf.  

(This is one that I might actually buy for myself.  I'm sort of a sucker for deep moody purply-blues.)


But -- and here's the awesome part -- scarves are only just the beginning.  This collection also includes silk tees.

I cannot wait to try these, friends.  VIDA has also taken two of my photographs, and made 100% silk tees -- dress them up to wear to work, or pair them with jeans for a night out.  The colours are incredibly vibrant:  take a look at how they translated my photograph of my orange tulips, above, into the tee, below:

Awesome, right?  I love how the tulip seems to glow off the fabric!


And if orange isn't your thing, perhaps a pale pink is more your speed:

I took the image above by sneaking around a neighbour's front yard -- they have this amazing tulip magnolia tree that is one of the first to flower in our entire neighbourhood. I love it.

And VIDA took that image, and turned it into this:

If I were still practicing law, I'd totally use this top as one of those day-to-night tops: under my suit during the day, take the jacket off for cocktails after work.  Just saying. 

Anyway, all this to say I'm really, really thrilled with how they've turned out.  And I'm even happier with how easy VIDA is making it to order them:

1)   Click here to see all the designs (including the 4 earlier designs -- they're part of this collection as well!)

2)  Enter the coupon code VIDAKARENW at checkout for 20% off through April 1st.

3)  Shipping is only US$ 5 -- even internationally!

So friends, please go check them all out.  They'd make great gifts for you, for a dear friend, for Mother's Day (or, as I'm planning on doing -- stocking up for Christmas gifts).   Items will be shipped in 45 days

Or, you know, buy them for your kids:  I have it on great authority that they make fantastic superhero capes.


and now ... a giveaway!


Because I'm happy about this collection, not to mention that today is officially the first day of spring, I say we celebrate with a giveaway -- what do you think?  

So here's what we'll do:  leave a comment below, saying whatever you want, wherever in the world you are, and I'll pick one winner, at random, to win all of the following:

A Peonies VIDA scarf, one of my earlier designs.  I actually own this scarf, and it's wonderfully vibrant.  Really lovely for spring.  Also ...


... a handmade leather Stash clutch.  If you've been reading Chookooloonks for any length of time, you know that I'm a huge fan of Stash leather goods.  A couple of weeks ago, I dropped by their storefront, and purchased this lovely little leather clutch, for just this giveaway.  Trust me, you'll love this handy little pocket purse.


And finally, as always ...

... a signed copy of The Beauty of Different, inscribed to whomever you'd like.


The perfect way to welcome spring, if you ask me.  So leave a comment, below, and I'll pick and announce the winner on Monday.  As always, one comment per person, please.

Good luck, friends -- and have a great weekend!


Thanks so much to all of you who left comments!  According to, the winner of the scarf, the book and the clutch is Brenlin, who said: "I found your blog through your Thrive Portrait Project. Thrive was just the breath of fresh air I needed that day. Thank you."  Congratulations, Brenlin!  Please check your email in-box for a message from me to claim your gift.

Thanks again, everyone.  And don't forget:  if you decide to purchase your own Chookooloonks/VIDA garment, be sure to enter coupon code VIDAKARENW at checkout for 20% off -- offer good through April 1st!


Song:  Brighter than the sun by Colbie Caillat