this was a week

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Oh, friends.

Look. This was a good week: Mother’s Day was lovely. The weather perked up. This weekend, Alex has her school dance and a sports banquet. It’s a good week.

But honestly? I’m not doing great today. There was some difficult news coming out of the American state of Alabama, affecting women in that state, and setting up a challenge to settled law for the rights of women across the country. And while that alone is enough to put a blemish on my day, for whatever reason, this has dredged up feelings of hopelessness because of all sorts of other reasons.

Because it’s this, on top of the fact that kids in this country take their lives in the own hands every single time they go to school, and those in power can’t seem to offer anything more to solve the problem than thoughts and prayers. On top of the fact that in this country people who look like me and kids who look like my daughter continue to be considered guilty until proven innocent simply because of the colour of our skin. On top of the fact that women and children at the border of this country continue to be treated like animals simply because they are looking for asylum. And this is just to start.

So the truth is that while my head knows that this was a good week (because of course, good things are happening all the time, every day, all around the world), my heart just can’t get it together enough to find the evidence to prove it this week. I’m sorry, lovelies. I’ll be back at it again soon, I promise. But for now, enjoy the image above of the wildflowers on the trail near my house. I took it with my smartphone — one of my tools of gratitude. And I’ll even challenge you to take notice of what your grateful for in your own lives this weekend.

Let’s meet back here next week, shall we? After all, someone’s gotta keep fighting for love and light.

Have a great weekend, friends.

Soundtrack: I give you power by Arcade Fire, featuring Mavis Staples