prom 2019

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Alex goes to an incredibly tiny high school, so the entire school goes to prom every year, not just the seniors. This year, therefore, was Alex’s first prom, and she asked if she could invite a few friends over to get ready.

Because I know that they worked so hard, i decided that their time should be a little fancy — some canapés, and some fake “champagne” to toast the winding down of the school year (next week is the last week of school), before they got dressed. Because hard work should be celebrated.

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We’re very lucky: Alex has a lovely group of friends, who support each other in so many ways. It was such a gift to watch them interact, to love each other without judgment.

And it was a great lesson that when you start feeling cynical about the world, spending time with smart, caring, switched-on young people can be just the trick to feeling hope and gratitude again. These kids are truly a gift.

Soundtrack: American teen by Khalid