thoughts from san diego

I'm writing this from my hotel room in San Diego.  I flew out yesterday for another whirlwind trip -- I should be landing back in Houston at midnight tonight.

No rest for the wicked, as they say.

I have one more trip next week, and then I should be done with business travel for the year.  Not a moment too soon, too:  the holidays are coming up, and despite the fact that they tend to be busy, I'm looking forward to taking some concentrated time for self-care during the next couple of months.  I've earned it.

I suspect that you have, too.  And so, coming in December, I'll be offering a new journaling course to end the year -- similar to the one that began the year, but different, as well.  Audio and visual journaling prompts that will encourage you to take a few moments for yourself every day during  the weeks before the end of the year.  Some moments of calm and breathing each day.

I hope you'll join me -- it'll be a wonderful, joy-filled, peaceful way to wind down the year.  More very soon.