thrive portrait: asha

I remember once telling my daughter that the way you can tell if someone is your friend -- really, truly your friend -- is that when something awesome happens to you, that person is even more excited about your success than you are.  It was something I said to Alex offhand, without really thinking about it beforehand; however, once I said it, I realized I deeply believe this to be true.  A person who is sincerely happy for you?  Hold on to that person like Grim Death, man.  Never let that person go.

This is exactly how I feel about Asha.  I've known Asha for many years now -- she's one of those "old school" bloggers who has been around for a while (possibly even longer than I have?), and I'm sure we met at some conference or another.  She lives on the opposite side of the continent than I do, so we don't get to spend time together nearly as often as I'd like; but wow, she is so one of my most favourite people on the planet.  I trust her implicitly, and her advice is golden.  There are few people in the world than I admire more than Asha.  And she has always unreservedly been enthusiastic about my plans and successes (and naturally, I've done my very best to return the favour).

So when she agreed to be featured on in the Thrive Portrait Project, I couldn't have been more pleased.  Last month, at the Mom 2.0 Summit, we snuck away so I could take her photograph with my Hasselblad camera.  Her portrait is up in the gallery now, and I just love what she has to say about what "thrive" means for her.

Please go take a look at her wise words.    

(I'm so enjoying what this project is turning into.  I'm learning so much from these lovely women.)