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The trick to dressing to take your teenage daughter to a stadium concert:

You have to dress cool enough that you don't embarrass your daughter, but not so cool that you embarrass your daughter.

(We’re headed out to an early dinner and then the Ed Sheeran concert. Fingers crossed I did this right.)

On a more serious note, I think I’ve mentioned that I just finished taking Stasia Savasuk’s online Style School. Her course isn’t about dressing your age, or dressing for tall women or short women or nonsense like that, but rather “inside-out congruency” — dressing the way you want to show up in the world. The five weeks were revelatory, to say the least. Remind me to share with you what I learned — but in the meantime, registration for her next session is open now, and if you’ve ever wondered how to look the way you want to feel, run, do not walk, to sign up. It was really amazing.

More tomorrow, friends.


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