togs: chookooloonks and vida voices!

So here's something completely out of the blue.

Last week, I received an email from VIDA.  VIDA is a global partnership of creators, pairing designers from around the world with makers in Pakistan in accordance with high ethical standards, to create original, beautiful products.  And the best part is that using part of proceeds from the sales of the products, VIDA creates literacy programs for the makers, so that they have opportunities to learn reading, writing and basic math that they would not otherwise have.

Click here or the image below to learn more:

The reason that they were reaching out to me was to ask if I was interested in providing a few of my photographs as designs for some of their products.

Isn't that incredible?  An opportunity to make my photographs into wearable, beautiful products, in a sustainable way?  Yes, please.

And so over the weekend, I searched my archives for photographs that I thought might make beautiful scarves (because honestly, I have a weakness for beautiful scarves).  There are now four products up on the site, and if the pre-orders sell within the next 14 days, VIDA will make the products. (As extra enticement, VIDA is offering the coupon code VOICES for 25% off of any preorders -- which makes these 100% modal scarves incredibly reasonable.)   

Here are the images I chose:

look for the light

I definitely wanted one of the scarves that were made to capture the concept behind looking for the light:  that beauty and joy and light are all around us, if only we look.  I took this photograph one evening on a flight to California a couple of years ago, and I find the blues of the sky and the clouds mesmerizing and peaceful, even as the glorious orange of the setting sun marks the horizon.  I love this image, and I can't wait to see how it translates on the scarf (I've already purchased one of these!)


london light

London is one of my favourite cities on the planet, and since living there I've always maintained that there is no more beautiful city at night.  The buildings along the Thames River are always lit up beautifully, and during the wintertime, when dusk falls early, it is a magical place.  This photograph, showing the lights of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, has always been a favourite, and I think it will make a gorgeous, elegant scarf, perfect for a night on the town. 



I wanted to create a product that would be perfect for spring, and I immediately thought of this image of peonies I took in my entryway.  I love peonies -- I think they're showy and unapologetic -- they symbolize everything I believe about being comfortable in your own skin, and proud of who you are.  This is definitely the scarf I'll wear when I need a shot of confidence. 



Finally, I knew that I wanted one of the designs to be centred around water:  as an island girl, I believe that water is everything.  Water is life, water is sustenance, and I love that water bends, and reflects and refracts light in ways unlike any other substance on earth.  The image of this water has always signified joy to me -- and wearing joy can never be a bad thing, can it? 


I'm really thrilled to introduce this collection to you -- simply click over here to buy any one (or more!) of these scarves, and don't forget to include coupon code VOICES to get 25% off (that's just $30 for each of these lovely scarves!).  And the best, best part -- right now, VIDA ships internationally, for only $5.  So folks from all over the world can purchase, and help give back.   But remember, pre-order only lasts for 2 weeks from today.

Enjoy, friends. (And I can't wait to receive my own!)