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One of the reasons that I've never considered myself particularly fashion-savvy is because I love a uniform.  And the reason that I love a uniform is because I'm fundamentally lazy.  I've worn my hair extremely short for most of my life because it's easier than trying to figure out what to do with it every day.  I've worn my makeup pretty much the same way for decades.  I wear the same perfume for years on end, and I wear the same jewelry every single day.  

I am nothing if not incredibly boring.

Except, of course, that I've recently made a pledge to make more of an effort in how I dress (and put a little bit of thought behind what I wear).  But what makes things worse is that working from home hardly makes this an easy thing to do -- the temptation to simply stay in yoga pants and sweats is very real.  Why would I spend time thinking about what to wear, when no one may see me all day long?

And so, I return to the uniform:  I've decided that the best way to make an effort without forgoing simplicity is to come up with a uniform for working at home.   The basic overall mantra is that: (a) it has to be really comfortable (urban pajamas, baby), (b) it has to be easy and (c) it has to look like I gave a damn.  

Now obviously, what I wear is going to have to change for each season, but for the most part, here's what my winter uniform is going to entail:

1)  Jeans.  No sweatpants or yoga pants allowed, at least during the workweek.  I shall break the blogger-working-in-pajamas stereotype if it's the last thing I do.
2)  Layers.  Because weather can vary wildly in Houston during the wintertime, even during the course of a single  day (I remember once, back in college, going to class in shorts because it was 75 degrees and humid, only to come back outside after a 2-hour class to learn the temperature had plummeted 30 degrees in that time period).  Besides, I ain't gonna lie:  I love a cardigan.
3)  I've recently fallen in love with the ankle boot/bootie/shootie (that last one is a term I just learned.  It sounds a bit ridiculous, I'm not sure I like it, but I'm trying to go with it).  Admittedly, while I'm at home, I'll probably be walking around in stockinged feet, but if I leave the house to run errands or meet someone for coffee, this is what I'll likely be wearing.

And that's pretty much it.  So, on any given day this winter, if you were to show up at my house unannounced, this is what you might find me wearing, above.  And while it's certainly nothing fancy, it's better than sweats, right?

(Ahem.  Any uniform advice greatly appreciated.)

(Also, please note I'm not wearing black.  Look at me, trying to embrace colour!)


Song:  Boogie shoes by KC & the Sunshine Band.  


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Cardigan (This isn't the one I'm wearing -- my cardigan is ancient -- but this one's similar.)/ kensie viscose tee in heather grey (Also not the same one I'm wearing -- I bought mine in some random boutique years ago -- but this tee is similar)/ Chico's So Slimming jeans (Say what you will, but Chico's jeans are so stretchy, they're like wearing leggings. Urban Pajamas, baby.)/ Mossimo Supply Co. cami / Dr. Scholl's Flame Ankle Boot (These shoes are crazy-comfortable, because they're Dr. Scholl's, man. I have these in red. Love them.)


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