togs: styled by my daughter

Last Friday night, we were all hanging out on our couch in front of the television (as you do), and I was surfing on my computer (as I do).  I noticed on my Facebook feed this story of a woman who let her toddler choose her clothing for a week.  Laughing, I shared it with Alex.

"That's awesome," she said.

"It kind of is," I smiled.

"You should totally let me do this for you.  In fact,"  her eyes lit up, "you should let me choose your clothes to wear tomorrow."

I balked.  "Um ... what?"

"Yup.  You should let me pick out your clothes for tomorrow.   Why not?"

I quickly scanned my mind for what I had to do the next day -- nothing but run a few errands.  "Um ... okay?"

"Yes!" she exclaimed.  "And you have to pinkie-promise that you'll wear whatever I pick out for you."  She held out her little finger.

"Wait," I said, trying to think fast.  "There are  ... um ... a few rules.  Yes, rules!  Um ...  whatever you pick has to be weather appropriate.  If it's cold out, I don't want to be in a sundress.  And if it's warm out, do not put me in a chunky sweater."

"Okay," she said, waving her finger impatiently.

"AND!" I continued, still trying to stall.  "The clothes have to FIT."

"OKAY!" she said.  

I hooked my little finger into hers, and winced.

"YAY!" she yelled.  And she bounded off into my bedroom.

About 10 minutes later, she returned.  "Okay, I've picked it. Come see."

I walked in to find my clothes laid out on my bed, and groaned.  It seemed that she'd picked almost every single impulse buy I'd ever made:  the fleur de lis scarf I bought for $5 at a mall kiosk; another, a metallic silver t-shirt -- I bought it online, thinking it was heather grey, and was shocked at its shiny-ness when it arrived.  Besides, it didn't fit.

"Oh, honey, that top doesn't ..."  and then I stopped, remembering that I'd lost some weight since buying it.  "You know what?  Let's try everything on."

So I did.  And the top fit.  And honestly?  I sort of love the look.  

I'd have never worn that scarf with those leopard shoes without Alex's suggestion (and, for the record, I'm not in the habit of wearing 3-inch pumps when I run errands); also, I'm still a bit torn about the t-shirt, but I could still totally see myself wearing this again (or a reasonable facsimile thereof, anyway).

So maybe the lesson here is that I should let Alex put my outfits together a little more often.

To shop this look:

togs: styled by my daughter

Bordeaux Glinted tee from Anthropologie (This tee is starting to grow on me.) / Cardigan-Mossimo for Target (Because you can never go wrong with Target) / So Lifting Slim-Leg Jeans from Chicos (The most comfortable jeans I've ever owned) / Anne Klein leopard-print pumps (I get compliments every time I wear them) / Fleur de Lis scarf (Not exactly like mine, but similar.)