top 10 things my daughter hopes will happen in 2024


In 2024, Alex will be 20 years old.  I asked her yesterday afternoon what she thinks the world will be like when she's that age.  Here's what she said.

1.  I hope there will be floating chairs.

2.  There will be many different people of all types who won't have to work at the same jobs they do now -- they can make up their own jobs and work at it.

3.  There will be fields and fields of flowers everywhere.

4.  People will dance and sing and feel free to do whatever they want.

5.  I hope the government will make smoking illegal.

6.  I hope that archeologists find even more fossils than they have already.

7.  I hope that schools will help students do the kinds of work the students are passionate about, and encourage them to learn about those things.

8.  I hope that there won't be any more wars.

9.  I hope that people don't litter anymore and that everyone cares about the environment.

10.  I hope that when people come out of their cocoons like butterflies, and they don't feel very beautiful, that other people who meet them will see how beautiful they actually are and love them.


From your lips to God's ears, kid.

Song:  Say hey (I love you) by Michael Franti & Spearhead.  Today's song chosen for you by Alex.