top 10 things that are as awesome now as they were when you were a kid


1.  Wearing wellies and stomping in puddles.  The bigger the splash, the better.

2.  Jumping waves on the beach.  The bigger the wave, the better.

3.  Separating Oreo cookies, and then eating the icing on the inside first, before eating the awesome chocolaty wafers.

4.  Popping bubble wrap.  The poppier, the better.

5.  Riding a bike for fun (not exercise).

6.  Eating an ice cream cone, so that the ice cream is pushed down into the sugar cone with your tongue, making the last bite of the pointy bit of the cone all creamy and fantastic.

7.  Swinging on swingsets.  They really ought to make more of those with adult-sized seats.

8.  Blowing soap bubbles.

9.  Licking the cake batter off of the mixer beaters.

10.  Letting Elmer's glue dry on your fingers and palms before peeling it off.

Song:  I wish by Stevie Wonder