tropical storm bill

I've been really productive today, so I took a break and decided to go walk around my neighbourhood a bit to see the after-effects of Tropical Storm Bill, the storm that made landfall in Texas today.  (Related:  is "Bill" the most un-tropical-stormy name ever?  Yes. Yes it is.)

Our local weather stations have been providing round-the-clock coverage of the storm, and I hear that areas south of us have been inundated, but so far here in Houston, it's been a bit of a non-event.  We've had a few showers, but really nothing else.  I'm relieved by this, since Alex is still away at camp (albeit more inland that we are), so my worry about her has been minimal.

Still, we're not in the clear yet -- they're predicting bad weather from the storm through tomorrow, so you never know.  And given the flooding that we've had recently, it wouldn't take much rain to make the situation bad.

But for right now, all is quiet.  So I'll take it.

Incidentally, today I've been working on the second official Chookooloonks newsletter -- did you get the first one a couple of weeks ago?  If you'd like to be on the email list, feel free to sign up here:  the newsletter will be filled with journal and photo prompts, as well as links for inspiration about both.  The second one goes out this Friday, and I'd love to have you.


Soundtrack:  The rain (supa dupa fly) by Missy Elliott