what i'm reading on the road: uncertainty


Every time I fly, I try to make a point of buying a book to read while I'm away, particularly when I'm on a trip where it's not likely that I'll run into anyone I know.  (Plus, it's nice to have something to take with me on quiet solo dinners.)  On this trip, I'm currently reading Uncertainty, by Jonathan Fields.

Jonathan was one of the keynotes at the Dad 2.0 Summit, and he was a captivating speaker -- and I'm not just saying that because he's a recovering attorney like I am.  In his talk, he mentioned that fear and uncertainty are actually signs for opportunity on the other side.  He explained that any leap of faith, especially when dealing with a change in career or life, usually involves what he called a "crux move." The term is taken from rock climbing lingo, and he defines it in his book as follows:

Crux moves are the most challenging moments of the entire route; they often require you to push physically, emotionally and intellectually, to take big and often blind risks in a way no other part of the climb does ... Any worthwhile creative endeavor has its own crux moves.  Your project may be defined in part by your day-to-day decisions and actions, but what really determines whether you succeed or fail -- whether you're starting a business, developing a new product, making a film, or writing a book -- is how you respond during a series of pivotal moments -- the creation crux moves.

I can tell I'm going to love this book.  It's already making meals of mediocre Japanese food really enjoyable.


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Song:  Don't know why by Norah Jones